The notion of pedometer refers to a device that allows counting the number of steps taken by the individual who wears it. The device also records the distance traveled . Likewise, it is interesting to know the etymological origin of the term pedometer that concerns us now. Specifically, we have to establish that it derives from Greek, since it has been formed by uniting two elements of said language: the noun “podos”, which means “foot”, and the word “meter”, which is used to define the device that It is used to measure.

PedometerIt generally has a format similar to a pocket watch , although there are also wrist pedometers .

The pocket ones stand out because they have a cheaper price, while the bracelet ones have in their favor that they turn out to be more precise when counting steps. However, we cannot ignore that there are other models that directly attach to shoes or sneakers.

Pedometer Sensor

Pedometers have a sensor that captures the body sway produced by each step. The user must calibrate the equipment to, starting from the average length of each of its steps, enable the deduction of distance and even speed. In this way, the measurement is more accurate when the person determines the length of their steps with some accuracy and then maintains a constant pace when walking. The information provided by the pedometer can be useful as an indicator of physical activity .

By using a pedometer, an individual can know how much he or she walks per day. This makes it easy to set goals and set a minimum distance to travel each day. By controlling the pedometer, the subject has the possibility of taking small actions to improve their physical condition, even without devoting much time to sports activity. Going up and down stairs or getting off before or after public transportation, for example, allows you to increase your daily steps with little effort.

In the same way, you should know that there are very complete pedometers that not only count steps but also provide more information that can be very useful to keep your health status and even the amount of exercise under control. makes.Thus, currently, you can find pedometers that also provide data related to the quality of sleep you get, the calories you lose while exercising, your heart rate, how long you have been doing sports, and the distance you have traveled. …

Count your steps with the best free pedometer apps

Free and easy to use, these are these applications with which you can keep track of the steps you take every day.

Walking is one of the most recommended activities to maintain good physical condition . The World Health Organization (WHO) itself states in a study that you have to take 10,000 steps every day to be “active”, but how can you control how many steps you take? In this article we recommend the best free pedometer apps to count the steps you take every day.

Taking advantage of the fact that you always have your phone with you, you can use this type of application to keep track of the physical activity you do. Whether you go out for a walk, walk or go from one place to another in the city, these apps automatically count your steps . In addition, they help you set and meet daily goals to improve yourself every day.

Although they have a very similar name, not all the apps that you will see below are the same. All of them count your steps, yes, but some show you your route on the map, others graphs about your weekly activity or even widgets to add to the home screen. This information is insufficient to choose one or the other, so we are going to delve into each of the best apps to count steps so you can choose.

Pedometer: step counter

One of the most popular free apps to count steps on Android is Pedometer: step counter, which has accumulated more than 10 million downloads in the Google application store. This app, with a size of just 3.6 MB, automatically counts your steps after clicking the Start button . In addition to telling you the steps, it also tells you the duration, calories, speed and kilometers you have traveled.

Whenever you carry your phone, Pedometer will count the steps you take. The interface of this step counting app is very simple, which makes it easy to use. In addition, from Settings you can enable a battery saving mode, adjust the sensitivity of the sensor or change the appearance of the app by choosing from one of the many themes that it offers you.

Step Counter – Pedometer

Cuenta tus pasos con las mejores apps gratis de podómetro
As we warned you at the beginning, many of the step counting apps have similar names, and here we have Step Counter – Pedometer, owned by Leap Fitness Group. Endorsed by more than 10 million downloads and the editors of the Play Store, Step Counter – Pedometer is a free app with which to control how many steps you take per day without GPS tracking, so you can rest assured about your privacy and consumption Of battery. In addition, you don’t have to log in to use it, which saves you from having to give your personal information.

It doesn’t matter if you carry your phone in your backpack or in your pants, once you press the start button, Pedometer will start counting your steps, with the possibility of stopping or restarting the count as much as you want. All Pedometer features are free, including the chart and customization themes. You just have to download it and start enjoying everything it has to offer.

What pedometers have we chosen?

For this comparison we have tested five step counters: Flintronic Mini 3D Screen Pedometer (with an average score of 9.25 points), iGANK Step Counter (8.75), Nakosite PEDI2433-NVW (9.25), OMRON Pedometer Walking Style IV (9.5) and 3DActive FitBud Pedometer (9.75). All of these models use three-axis 3D sensor technology, designed to provide adequate accuracy when reading steps in any position. When analyzing them, we have taken into account the following aspects:

  • Features. Yes, in addition to showing the steps taken, it records other data such as calories burned or kilometers traveled.
  • Design. It refers to the shape and comfort in its use, as well as the material with which it is made, its dimensions and its weight. Also tailored to the screen and its lighting.
  • Battery. The type of battery you use and its autonomy.
  • Grip mode. Does it include a lanyard, clip or carabiner?

This is how we have tested them

To check how each of these pedometers works, we have used them for two weeks. We have tested their battery life and have also checked how they monitor and record physical exercise on long walks (both in the city and in nature) and during any daily activity.

Finally, the 3DActive FitBud Pedometer has been positioned as the best pedometer. We have been convinced by its design, the reliability of its measurements and the simplicity of its use. In addition, its shape is perfect for carrying it in any way: in your bag, pocket, attached to your belt or hanging around your neck.

FitBud 3DActive Pedometer: Our Pick

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Available in eight colors, this is a very simple pedometer, perfect for getting started and without complicated settings. Once taken out of the box, it is ready to work: the screen will show 0, a figure that increases depending on the steps taken and that can be consulted as you go.

The pedometer automatically turns off when there is no movement and activates when the user moves again. In this way, the energy saving of the CR2032 type button battery is promoted, which lasts up to one year. The battery is located on the back and changing it is very easy: using a coin that is inserted into the slot to rotate and open the cover. The only button it includes is also on the back and is designed to reset the counter by holding it down for 3 seconds.

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