Interactive and Non-interactive computer graphics

Interactive and Non-interactive computer graphics

This article is about interactive and non-interactive computer graphics. In interactive Computer Graphics, users can make changes to the produced image. It is a two way communication between computer and user. in this user is given some control over the produced image by using input device for example the video game controller of the ping pong game. The produced picture can be modified by receiving signals from the input device. User can give series of commands each one generating a graphical response.

Interactive and Non-interactive computer graphics

Advantages of interactive computer graphics

  • Improved User Interfaces
  • More precise results
  • Higher Quality resolution
  • Greater Productivity
  • Lower analysis and design cost
  • Significantly enhances our ability to understand data

Working of Interactive Computer Graphics

The modern graphics  is very simple and  consists of three components:

  • Frame Buffer or Digital Memory Buffer
  • A Monitor likes a home T.V.
  • Display Controller or Video Controller:

 Non Interactive Computer Graphics:

Non interactive computer graphics is also known as passive computer graphics. In this type of computer graphics user does not have any control over the image. Produced image is the product of static stored program and act according to the program given in the software. In this image is 100% under control of program instruction and user can not change it or control it. Screen saver is the best example of passive computer graphics.

Examples of non-interactive computer graphics

  • Still Images
  • Print Media
  • Architectural Renderings
  • Illustrations in Books

Difference between Interactive and non-Interactive Computer Graphics

Interactive Computer Graphics

  • The image is control under the user
  • It is called Two-way communication. The user and computer can communicate each other through input devices.
  • For example, Almost all computers have interaction with the user.

Non-Interactive Computer Graphics 

  • The image can not be changed by the user
  • It only on way communication by user and computer
  • For Example, The familiar example of a non-interactive computer graphic is TV broadcasting.

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