C1815 Transistor Pinout, Equivalent, Uses, Features

C1815 Transistor Pinout, Equivalent, Uses, Features

The C1815 transistor is a commonly used bipolar junction transistor in electronic circuits. It is a general-purpose NPN transistor often used in low to moderate power amplification and switching applications. In this article we are going to explain transistor c1815 working, pinout, datasheet, equaling, and other detail:

C1815 Transistor Pinout, Equivalent, Uses, Features

Transistor c1815 pinout

c1815 transistor pin configuration is given below in the table and pic diagram is given above.

Pin   Number Pin Name Description
1 Collector  Collector is used to flow the current, normally connected to load
2 Base  Base is used to Controls the biasing of transistor
3 Emitter Emitter is used to Drains out the current , normally connected to ground


characteristics of c1815 transistor

  • Package Type: To-92
  • Transistor Type: NPN (Negative-Positive-Negative).
  • Max Collector-Base Voltage (Vcb): Typically around 60V.
  • Max Collector-Emitter Voltage (Vce): Typically around 50V.
  • Max Emitter-Base Voltage (Veb): Typically around 5V.
  • Max Collector Current (Ic): Usually up to 150mA.
  • Max Power Dissipation (Pd): Typically around 400mW.
  • Operating Temperature: Temperature range of -55°C to 150°C.

Transistor c1815 equivalent

We can replace C185 with the following transistors but pinout configuration may differ so please check if you want to use any alternate.

  • 2N3904: The 2N3904 is a widely used NPN transistor with similar characteristics to the C1815.
  • 2N2222: Another NPN transistor that’s commonly used and has similar characteristics.
  • BC547: The BC547 is an NPN transistor and is often used in low-power applications.
  • 2N4401: This is an NPN transistor suitable for applications where higher collector current is required. It can handle more current than the C1815.
  • KSP2222A: c1815 Characteristics similar to the 2N2222.
  • C945: C945 transistor can also be used as an alternate of this transistor.

Complementary PNP transistor

BC557 is best complement of transistor c1815.

SMD Equivalent of  transistor C1815

The SMD equivalent of transistor C1815 are KTC3875 (SOT-23), 2SC4116 (SOT-323), 2SC4738 (SOT-23), FJX945 (SOT-323), KTC3875S (SOT-23) and 2SC2712 (SOT-23).

c1815 transistor applications

C1815 transistor can be used in various application some important applications are mentioned below in the list.

  • Amplifiers: C1815 transistors can be used in small-signal amplification circuits.
  • Switching Circuits: It can act as a switch to control the flow of current in various electronic devices.
  • Oscillators: We use it with the combination of other components like resistors and capacitors for Oscillators.
  • Signal Inversion: C1815 transistors can invert signals when used in switching applications.
  • Voltage Regulation: These transistor can be used in voltage regulator circuits to stabilize voltage levels.
  • Signal Modulation: C1815 transistors can be used in amplitude modulation (AM) circuits to modulate the amplitude of a carrier signal with an input signal.
  • Light Sensing: In combination with a light-sensitive component like a photodiode or phototransistor, C1815 transistors can be used in light-sensing circuits.
  • Timer Circuits: It can be used in timer and delay circuits.

c1815 datasheet

Datasheet c1815 

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